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Join the CraftStoria Network

Add CraftStoria to your server list now !


Faction Wipe

Create your base, farm, earn money and become the most powerful
faction !

TeamFortress(no sword)

Team Fortress

Fight with your team in an epic war and earn money to become the mightiest warrior !



Spawn, collect your chests, rush the central island and get the best items to fight against the other players !

Talk with us and make new acquaintance!

Join our community with Discord !

Ask question, trade and chat with other player

The forum is now on discord !

Why playing on CraftStoria ?

Farm To Win Network

On the network, all players have the same advantages!

Interesting Games

CraftStoria offers different games compared to other big servers. We want players to have a new gaming experience.

Admins Support

We are really attentive to the players demands, we want to provide the best possible experience for the players on Craftstoria.

Play & Earn

CraftSotria is a play to win, all items are obtainable in the game.

How to join CraftStoria?

Follow the steps for joining the Network!


Copy the Ip Address


Start Minecraft !

Go in multiplayer and click on "Add server" and paste the IP!


Start the server !

Now you can
enter the network
and have fun!


Copy the Ip Address



Start Minecraft !

Go in multiplayer and click on "Add server" and paste the IP!



Once you are in the server, open the chat and do /register [Your Password]
Keep your password private!


Play Game

You can now do
/login [Your Password]
And have fun on the server!

Trailer of the Network

Frequently Ask Questions

No, all items, grades and kits are available and obtainable in the game.

CraftSotria is a play to earn!

Yes, we will add more games for you to enjoy!

Yes, at the moment we have set up a faction wipe but in the future we planned to add a normal faction.

Yes, we will always add more contents and updates.

You can visit our Discord to ask them.

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